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See Fl. Stat. 61. 021 (2020 ). Florida has enacted unique laws to make getting a divorce in Florida easier. Specifically, Florida law enables a conventional dissolution or a streamlined dissolution case. As its name suggests, a streamlined dissolution of marital relationship (called a “divorce” in other states) is quicker, simpler method to get divorced in Florida.

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Couples seeking a streamlined dissolution are accountable for filing all needed files and need to appear together before a judge who will give the divorce. More info about the streamlined dissolution procedure and forms are offered on the Florida Courts site. A standard dissolution proceeding starts when either partner submits a “Petition for Dissolution of Marriage” with the court.

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At this point, the other spouse might submit a Response to the Petition or concur with the Petition’s terms. In numerous cases, couples have the ability to reach a divorce arrangement by themselves or with a arbitrator’s help. Couples who aren’t able to reach an arrangement through mediation, will need to go to trial.

Florida is an equitable circulation state. This indicates that a Florida judge will divide a couple’s marital home equitably or fairly, but not necessarily equally. Couples can reach their own home settlement arrangements. However, when partners can’t concur a judge will divide home based on the following: each spouse’s income and job chances the length of the marriage either partner’s contributions to the other spouse’s making prospective or profession the desirability of keeping the marital home as the residency for the couple’s small kids either spouse’s waste of marital properties, and any other relevant aspect.

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See Fl. Stat. 61. 075 (2020 ). Spousal support isn’t granted in every Florida divorce. However, a judge might award alimony when the partner asking for alimony has a monetary need and the other spouse has the capability to pay spousal support. To figure out whether a spousal support award is appropriate, and if so, how much, a judge will look at the length of the couple’s marriage, the standard of living throughout the marital relationship, each partner’s age and psychological health, tax impacts of spousal support on each partner, each partner’s funds and monthly expenditures and financial obligations, and any other relevant factor.